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Ashiatsu | PCH Spa - Palos Verdes, CA

Ashiatsu is the Asian massage best known as the technique where the masseuse walks barefoot on the client’s back to relieve stress and relax the muscles. Although the knees, palms, and elbows also are incorporated in the therapy, the main barefoot portion uses gravity to help apply the pressure and do most of the work.

Ashiatsu is used in Asia as part of traditional Chinese medicine to treat the whole body. At PCH Spa, we are adept at this technique as a method of stimulating the body’s acupressure points and promoting well-being and relaxation.

The massage begins only after the technician confers with you about your complaints and needs. The technique involves the client lying down and wearing loose clothing as the therapist performs the massage motions.

Ashiatsu sessions are: ½ hour for $25. Other massage therapies available at PCH Spa include:

• Shiatsu/Acupressure – ½ hour, $40; 1 hour, $60; 1.5 hours, $90
• Swedish Massage/Deep Tissue Massage – ½ hour, $40; 1 hour, $80; 1.5 hours, $90
• Foot Reflexology – ½ hour, $25
• Foot Massage and Body Scrubs – ½ hour, $25

For a truly relaxing experience, let us walk all over you with a professional ashiatsu massage session at PCH Spa in Redondo Beach. Call for an appointment with one of our expert massage therapists.

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